Tree Trimming Services

How to Keep Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy in the Cumming and Milton, GA Areas

Reach out to us for tree pruning or tree trimming services

Trees can make or break your landscaping. To keep your trees looking their best, rely on the pros at Eighty Three Tree LLC to provide regular tree care services. We do tree pruning and trimming in Cumming and Milton, GA. You can count on us to shape your tree, remove dangerous branches or thin out the canopy.

Everything that's cut off of your tree will be mulched and hauled off, unless you request to keep it.

If a tree on your property is growing out of control, call 770-238-8827 now to schedule tree trimming services.

We have your tree's best interests at heart

Trees can't heal from wounds caused by climbing spikes. Using spikes during tree pruning and trimming will leave open wounds that:

  • Are easy entry points for harmful pests
  • Become infected by decay-causing fungi
  • Make the bark look ugly and discolored

That's why we insist on spikeless tree pruning and tree trimming services. Speak with a member of our staff about your tree care needs today.